According to Kylie Asmus there are not enough characters featured in books and movies with her name, Kylie. Therefore, when she wrote her first novel, The Friday Night Debrief, the name she bestowed on her main character was none other than Kylie. Although some parallels do exist between the author and the main character who shares her first name in the romantic comedy novel, author Kylie insists that the story is just that - a story - and NOT a biographical account of her own life.

Like her fictional character Kylie McManus in her novel, The Friday Night Debrief, Kylie Asmus was born and raised in Mount Isa, a small mining town in North West Queensland. For Kylie, Mt Isa was a great place to grow up and live in as a young adult, despite its country town idiosyncrasies like small town gossip: true or not, everyone knew everyone's business, or at least the business they chose to make up and spread about you.

At 23, Kylie left Mt Isa to take up a new job, and to find herself a husband. She found it extremely difficult to adjust to a new life but always remained optimistic that her life would get better; that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. She also realised that if she was unhappy with how things were, it was ultimately up to her to implement change in her life. By age 28, Kylie gave up on finding a husband. Within six months of this decision, Kylie met someone who worked for the same company, started going out and fell in love. They were married in 2007 and remain very happily married. As yet Kylie and her husband have no children so she considers The Friday Night Debrief to be her first born. Kylie and her husband have lived and worked together in Townsville, Perth and more recently moved to Brisbane, where Kylie secured work in Mackay, to which she regularly travels back and forth from Brisbane.

Kylie says, "They say to write about what you know and I am very familiar with the content of this book. I know how to live my life being optimistic, knowing that it will always get better. I also know how to treat my mates and to look after them no matter who they are or what they get up to." Change is something that Kylie has always found hard, but every time she has looked back, change has always provided personal growth and she recognises that by remaining optimistic and focused, great things can come of change.